In May 1988, Devesh Shrestha and Mike (Michael) Warren Frame opened Mike's Breakfast in a little house and garden behind the Sherpa Hotel at #1 Seto Durbar, just of Durbar Marg. This was immediately quite popular with the foreign community. After five and half years there, our landlord decided to tear the place down and build an office building covering the house site, garden, and all. We started looking for a place with "charm". 

After that, we quickly set up Mike's Cantina above the Moti Mahal restaurant on Durbar Marg. That lasted about nine months and was an expensive lesson in taking a new partners whose priorities and agendas were somewhat different from our own.

After opening the restaurant in Naxal and closing the Cantina, Dilip Baniya, his cousin Bargha Bista, and Mike's opened the Northfield Cafe in Thamel.

The next step was to move to Pokhara where Mike's could find plenty of work for the next year or two rebuilding and re-landscaping the Fewa Hotel. Dilip and Mike sold their interest in the Northfield Cafe and Dilip mainly watches over Mike's Breakfast in Baluwatar whereas Siddhartha Lama and two of Dilip's brothers, Bishnu Baniya and Naresh Baniya, take care of things at Mike's Restaurant and the Hotel Fewa in Pokhara.

So, that's the way it all happened.